LBJ 106th Birthday Celebration – Stonewall, TX

LBJ…three letters that bring a very important name to mind. It is Lyndon Baines Johnson, one of our American Presidents who has a special place in many people’s hearts. He was born on 1908 in Central Texas, just outside of Johnson City. During World War II he served in the Navy as a lieutenant commander and received a Silver Star in the South Pacific. In 1953, he became the youngest Minority Leader in Senate history and in the1960 campaign as John F. Kennedy’s running mate, Johnson was elected Vice President. Then in 1963, when Kennedy was assassinated he became our 36th President.

The LBJ State Park and Historic Site in Stonewall, TX is naturally the perfect setting for a community to come together for this well-loved President’s 106th birthday celebration on August 27, 2014. A neat fact is that this is actually a state holiday, which was officially designated as such in 1973. The visitor center, which is the focal point of the state park contains memorabilia from the President’s time in office and a host of interactive displays about the land and people that shaped who he was.

This is a free event and residents and visitors to the area are invited to take in a film about the President and the Texas Hill Country as well as many informational exhibits. You can take a tour of the Sauer-Beckmann Living History Farm as well, which will take you back in time to see how old-time family games were played and how President Johnson would have grown up.

The Pedernales River is nearby and a great place for an afternoon picnic so pack a basket and make it a whole day adventure. You can also find some neat souvenirs at the park store.

Event Details:

Date – August 27th, 2014

Time – 9:30am – 3:30pm

Location – Lyndon B. Johnson State Park & Historic Site in Stonewall, TX

This beautiful state park is just a short, scenic drive away from Fredericksburg, TX where the luxury properties part of The All Seasons Collection are located. Whether you are swinging in for this birthday celebration or a longer vacation to our beautiful area, our properties, with varied styles and locations, are the perfect place to stay to relax and unwind. Learn more about our amenities and locations online and contact us at (800) 775-3197 for reservation information.

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