Brewing Masters: Pedernales & Fredericksburg Brew Co.

Did you know that ale is one of the oldest beverages produced? It is recorded in the history of Ancient Egypt and dates back to the 5th millennium BC. Today, small brewpubs and regional breweries have taken the process of making great beer down to an exact science and two special places putting their stamp on the industry are right here in Fredericksburg, TX.

Fredericksburg Brewing Company is actually considered the oldest and most acclaimed brewpub in Texas and it is right our backyard! How lucky are we? Their freshly brewed beers, mouth-watering food and friendly atmosphere all in a restored 1890s two-story building in the heart of downtown Fredericksburg makes it a stop to remember. In the biergarten you can enjoy a favorite brew, relax while the rest of your family takes in the shops downtown or come and enjoy a game on the big screen. Whether you are looking for a break from the busyness of the day, a place to hang with the friends or even host a family reunion, this brewing company is a one-stop shop.

Another fantastic local “watering hole” is the superb Pedernales Brewing Company in Fredericksburg. On Fridays and Saturdays you can stop in for a tour of the brew house and experience some tastings as well to help pick your favorite. They also have a fun contest running until July 4, 2014. Some of their 12 pack carriers had to be taped due to a flaw in manufacturing—find one and bring it for a free tour and tasting session! On the first Saturday of each month they have a Beer & Hymns night from 5-7pm plus many other local events that you can find through their website.

If you love tasting some fantastic local brews, make a plan to come our way and check out these two local spots. There is a myriad of other great activities and events in the area all summer long. You can learn more through our blog! The All Seasons Collection can provide the perfect place to rest your head—whether you prefer a modern downtown retreat, a cozy cottage or a Victorian mansion we have a property to suit your preference and needs. Contact us at (800) 775-3197 to make your reservation plan today!



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