“Rock Star” Gazing at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

How does an evening of staring up at the beautiful night sky of Texas sound to you? If it sounds intriguing and relaxing, we suggest you join a “Rock Star” Gazing Party at the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. It is a great addition to our “What Would Joe Do?” list of things to take in around Fredericksburg, TX. The days are starting to get a little longer which means spring is waiting around the corner for us. Even though the nights can still be a little cool, this time of year provides some incredible views of the night sky.

The Enchanted Rock State Natural Area can be found on Big Sandy Creek, 18 miles north of Fredericksburg. It opened as a state natural area in 1978 and is now a National Natural Landmark that draws in over 250,000 people each and every year. You can see an abundance of wildlife and plant species – it is truly a treasure for locals and visitors to this part of Texas.

One of the neat events Enchanted Rock puts on is called “The Rock” Star Party. Visitors  can have the chance to join an enthusiastic group of sky gazers. See various stars, far away galaxies, and planets such as Jupiter and Venus. You will be led by local, amateur astronomer Eddie Hrncir who will share his wealth of knowledge and answer any questions you may have about the vast heavens above.

Event Details:

2014 Dates: Future dates will be announced, stay tuned to the park’s website
Where: Enchanted Rock State Natural Area
Cost: Visitation Fee: $7.00 for persons 13 years and older
* Contact: Doug Cochran at (830) 685-3636

This special event will offer our guests at The All Seasons Collection the chance to do something unique and see the sky of our beautiful Hill Country in a whole new way – watch for upcoming dates, book an overnight with us and don’t miss out on exploring this one!

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