Seed Stompin’ Good Time in Fredericksburg Texas!

Every year the LBJ park in Stonewall, Texas invites people of all ages to come be apart of the annual seed stomp. This is in honor of the late Lady Bird Johnson, who had a great passion for nature. She was born Claudia Alta Taylor on December 22, 1912 and it is said that her nurse commented that she was as “purty as a ladybird”. That comment was turned into a nickname for Lady Bird, and every one knew her as either, Lady or Bird. Mrs. Johnson was an advocate for cleaning up the nations cities and highways, often saying, “Where flowers bloom, so does hope”. She was determined to beautify, beautify, beautify with the tagline of “plant a tree a shrub or a bush!” During her time in the White House, a bill was passed to do so. That bill was the Highway Beautification act, but was informally known as Lady Bird’s bill. So now six years after her death, the very small town of Stonewall and everyone willing to come out, go out and scatter wildflower seeds. This year, this will take place on September 31, 2013 from 1:30-3:30 at the Lyndon B. Johnson State Park & HIstoric Site. LBJ park is about 15 minutes from downtown Fredericksburg, so it would be easy to enjoy the town, and also be apart of seed stomp. You can then plan a trip back next spring and see the beautiful flowers that you helped plant.

One thought on “Seed Stompin’ Good Time in Fredericksburg Texas!

  1. We have had a beautiful time, the eeiorvnmnnt is relaxing, quiet and we wanted for nothing. We enjoyed our walks to to the wineries and into town and have had a thoroughly perfect experience. We have been talking about coming back with our husbands. Thank you very much. It was only a short stay but wonderful.

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