Enchanted Rock Lodging

If you have never been to Enchanted Rock, you are missing out. Enchanted Rock is the largest natural granite outcropping in the U.S. The Rock is a huge, pink granite exfoliation dome, that rises 425 feet above ground, 1825 feet above sea level, and covers 640 acres. It’s a fantastic place to hike, backpack and rock climb. All Seasons Downtown Retreat is the perfect place to stay while exploring the park.

One thought on “Enchanted Rock Lodging

  1. I have heard only awesome things about enchanted rock. Sadly, I missed the chance to go all of the years I stayed in the hill country; the good news is that I may be visiting Austin again in the next few months and may plan to head out there with some good friends. I had never realized that it was the largest natural granite outcropping in the U.S.; cool fact.

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